About Luscious Eating

Titles.  Well, one does what one can with available URL's.  Yet, when I reflect on it, this title isn't too far off for how I experience the kitchen.

I love food.  I love the sight of fresh produce, the smells emerging from my kitchen, the calming effect of chopping vegetables.  I even love the sound of dishes clanking in the sink, the sizzling of oil, the sound of water boiling.  (However, I do not so much love the sound of my teakettle.  The whistler remains open).  And, of course, the joy in a range of tastes and textures... Well, let's just say that an hour in the kitchen is the full sensory experience for me.  And since I love to write as well, here we are.

I cook under a few constraints... my partner, a saint who cleans up after me and washes the dishes, has severe acid reflux.  I rarely eat meat and almost never cook with it (I identify as flexitarian!).  I have a full time job that I love, but after paying my bills each month I have very little left over.  I'm committed to using local and organic produce to the best of my financial ability.

So those, my cyberfriends,  are also the conditions of my little daily experiments. Cheap, healthy food; produce mostly provided by my organic delivery service; mostly vegetarian, mostly stomach friendly.  I seek to cook with intentional love and joy, and I seek to derive and provide as much pleasure as possible from each kitchen moment.